North Queensland Bulk Ports Corporation (NQBP)

'NQBP has been an enthusiastic user of Smartship for a number of years both for evaluation and optimising port developments and more recently in the training of Marine Pilots. At all times we have found the staff headed by Peter to be professional, highly knowledgeable and helpful in the operations of Smartship. This coupled with some of the latest technology has provided NQBP with an invaluable service in improving the operations of our ports. We look forward to long relationship with Peter and the team at Smartship'

Brad Fish, Chief Executive Officer, North Queensland Bulk Ports Corporation

RCL Cruises Ltd

'RCL Cruises Ltd has employed the services of Smartship Australia in support of marine and nautical evaluations of Australian ports on behalf of Royal Caribbean International and Celebrity Cruises. On each occasion we have found the facility was being operated in a capable and professional manner, which ensured the best possible outcome for all stakeholders was achieved. The facility and the leadership team are world class and a pleasure to work with'.

Gavin Smith, Regional Vice President, RCL Cruises Ltd

Star Cruises

'Due to the professional and experienced Management and trainers running Smartship, it is a logical choice to use them for any training or study to be done in Asia'.

Fleet Captain Gustaf Gronberg, SVP Marine Operations & New-building, Star Cruises

Svitzer Australia Pty Ltd

'Svitzer Australia use the Smartship simulator for a wide range of towage simulator activities and we find their facilities, staff and professional & constructive feedback to the highest standard'.

Andy Perry, Fleet Operations Manager—Technical, Svitzer Australia Pty Ltd

Sydney Ports Corporation

'At Sydney Ports Corporation we use the Smartship facility as our simulator of choice. Whether we are looking to recruit new pilots, train existing pilots or test out new or revised operational practices; the capabilities offered by the team and the technology at Smartship are more than able to meet our needs. With the capacity to model new port infrastructure and dynamics and draw from an impressive range of ship type models we have yet to find a problem which we wish to simulate where Smartship cannot offer us a solution'.

Philip Holliday, Executive General Manager Operations & Harbour Master, Sydney Ports Corporation

Port of Napier Limited

'Napier Port have been using the Smartship facility since 2011 for pilot training which has included Advanced Marine Pilot Training and simulation training for all pilot grades. Recently we have also used Smartship for tugmaster training and port development. The tugmaster training has proved extremely worthwhile and with pilots and tugmasters working together this has allowed us to develop standard commands and optimal ways of working within the port. The ship and tug simulators have proved to be an excellent facility providing high quality models of both the port and vessels with realistic hydrodynamic effects. Crucial to pilot training and development of the port has been the high level of support and knowledge from course facilitators and Smartship Instructors. Smartship is an excellent, professional facility and continues to support the training needs of Napier Port'.

Trevor Morrison, Senior Pilot, Napier Port

Damen Shipyards

'Damen is a shipbuilding company operating worldwide, we have delivered over 60 tugs and workboats to the Australian – New Zealand region. A few years ago we started working with Smartship in Brisbane on simulations and models for the ASD and ATD tug types we’ve delivered in the region. This allows our customers to take on simulator training ahead of their new vessel being delivered. We at Damen value the relationship with Peter and his team at Smartship and would always recommend our customers to visit the facilities in Brisbane. I am not a trained captain but can assure that after 2 minutes on the simulator you feel like being out there for real'.

Roland Briene, Area Director Asia-Pacific, Damen Shipyards Group

Smit Lamnalco

'Smit Lamnalco has a strong working relationship with Smartship and can recommend utilisation of the simulators, in-particular the tug simulator for optimising services and training techniques. Smartship’s staffs are very helpful and can be relied on to provide relevant solutions through their simulations and the application of tailored training to meet our requirements.'

Frederik Rutgers. General Manager for Smit Lamnalco, Australia

List of clients

  • Adani
  • AELNG Gladstone
  • Albany Port Authority
  • APLNG Gladstone
  • Arup Pty Ltd
  • Australasian Marine Pilot Institute
  • Australian Reef Pilots
  • Brisbane Marine Pilots Pty Ltd
  • Caltex Refineries (NSW) Pty Ltd
  • Carnival Cruises, Australia
  • Centreport Limited New Zealand
  • Far North Queensland Ports Corporation (Ports North)
  • Force Technology, Denmark
  • Gladstone Ports Corporation
  • Gold Coast City Council
  • Marine Consultancy Group Pty Ltd
  • Meridian Maritime Services
  • North Queensland Bulk Ports Corporation
  • Port of Brisbane Corporation
  • Port of Napier Ltd New Zealand
  • Port of Townsville Limited
  • Ports Corporation of Queensland Ltd
  • Programmed Total Marine Services
  • PTT LNG Company Ltd
  • QCLNG Gladstone
  • RCL Cruises Ltd
  • Rio Tinto
  • SouthPort New Zealand Limited
  • Svitzer Australasia Pty Ltd
  • Sydney Ports Corporation
  • Teekay Shipping (Australia) Pty Ltd
  • Toll Shipping, Melbourne
  • TT-Line Company Pty Ltd
  • Victorian Regional Channels Authority
  • Wisby Tankers Sweden

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