The centre has a control room where instructors can design scenarios for all 5 simulators and monitor training activities. Smartship’s modern facilities also include two large debriefing rooms and a spacious dining and lounge area.

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Full mission

Bridge 1

The primary full mission bridge simulator is 16 metres in diameter and 5 metres high with 360° field of view including connected bridge wings.

Full mission

Bridge 2

The secondary full mission bridge simulator is 12 metres in diameter with 240° field of view.

Tug simulator

The Tug simulator has 360° field of view and the ability to simulate all tug propulsion systems, including rotor configuration.

Part task

Bridge 1 & 2

The 2 part task bridge simulators have 120° field of view. All bridges have a full suite of ship controls and communications equipment, as well as original integrated navigation system NACOS 5th generation, manufactured by SAM Electronics.

Last updated
21 December 2022